Making an Impact 

Our Mission


 Fostering Hope is a nonprofit organization founded by Muskogee citizens. Our goal is to walk alongside children in the foster care system and offer support by meeting immediate needs when children are placed in foster care. 

Right now, today, in the county of Muskogee there are over 300 foster children. These children come from dysfunctional and dangerous situations and abuse and neglect are all they know. When a foster family opens their home and takes in a child the state stipend to meet basic needs takes 2 weeks to 2 months. Foster parents step in and furnish a safe and secure environment for babies and children. These men and women offer hope and encouragement to children who have had little of either and the foster parents need help. These children literally come with a trash bag containing their belongings. (When the children are removed from their homes, it is what they can quickly stuff in a trash bag. Clothes, favorite toys, books, even treasured keepsakes are left behind-sometimes forever.) Our goal for Fostering Hope is to bridge that gap between this time. We give each child their own bag full of a weeks worth of clothes, essential toiletries (appropriate for each age), new underwear and socks. With the help of the community and state we are making this a mission we can all take part in. These previously "trash bag" children will be valued and validated. They should feel special because they are!

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Phone: 918-616-8143

917 W. Broadway St.

 Muskogee, OK 74401


500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158

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