What they say...

"The kids feel very loved and cared for. The boys were happy to receive soap so they could get clean."


Yay!Our family was forever touched by Fostering Hope and our daughter still has her bunny 3 years later.

"This is an awesome thing you ladies are doing !! As a former foster child I know how important this is and how having something of your own is important!!"





"Fostering Hope fills a real need in our community that previously was a patchwork of efforts from local agencies, churches and agencies, never, never, enough to even approach the need. And the need unfortunately is great and continues to grow." 

-Eileen Van Kirk Youth Volunteer Corps

*Kyla came out of her room last night with the blue fuzzy jacket. She loved it. She said she's never had a coat so soft.    -foster mom







I would not change a thing. They made you feel so warm and that your family was important.

-foster family

"We have been gathering items for about 6 months to donate to Fostering Hope. Three baskets full of bags stuffed as full as the handles could hold, ALL       GLORY TO GOD!!!"         -foster family




We love supporting Fostering Hope because of the way they have brought a community together to help support foster families."

-FH supporter

"Through partnership with Fostering Hope, children have been provided for basic needs otherwise that have not been unmet."

-Jamie Wentworth District 15 District Director Permanency Planning

"Fostering Hope stood in the gap for us, and provided for our children. I believe this experience gave them a great feeling of control in a situation that was otherwise completely out of their control."

"I can't express how much I appreciate the help and kindness of this organizaiton. With the uncertainty and sometimes chaos that comes with an unexpect3ed placement it's so nice to have a bag of clothes the right sixe when there isn't time to shop. The little Valentine's bag meant so much to our new friend.She said she felt like it was her birthday. For someone who has lost everything familiar to her it's such a joy to her to get a coloring pad and crayons of her own. You truly are showing the love of Jesus to those who need it most." -foster parent

"I just want to thank y'all so much for all y'all do! I took my little to spend his valentines gift card on a brand new pair of Nike shoes and he is on top of the world! He loved everything he received from y'all and the generosity of our community!



"I received temporary custody of am 18 month old boy whose mother was in a homeless situation. We received long term placement of this child. He had no warm clothes and most of his belongings smelled like feces and were dirty. I reached out to Fostering Hope and they provided little Noah with clothes, toys, blankets, toiletries, a diaper bag, shoes for his little feet (which were the first I had ever seen on him). He loved them! This organization provided relief and we were able to focus more on loving this baby."

-foster mom  

"Child is happy and

warm now because she had no coat!!"-foster parent

"All the kids have played

well with the toys and other items given!"-foster family

Just relieved knowing we have

resources when we say yes

to a placement we didn't plan on.

            -foster mom

It is so nice

for someone to care.

-foster mom



It really reduced

the stress.

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