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Phone: 918-616-8143

917 W. Broadway St.

 Muskogee, OK 74401


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We believe every foster child deserves hope

"Every foster child deserves to have their immediate needs met. We realized with the help of our community and Oklahoma we could do just that."

What we say

Recently a family of 6 children ranging in ages from 8-15 were placed in emergency placement with a family here in Muskogee. The mother was unfit to care for the 6 children of her own. The foster family has 3 biological children. The children came with head lice and nothing of their own but the ill fitting clothing they were wearing. The boys were wearing the girls sweatpants because they fit better! We got the call to help and filled each bag with nice clean clothes that fit, two pairs of shoes, new socks and underwear, toiletries, books and bibles, and age appropriate toys for each child. The foster mom told me one of the older teens was most thrilled about her new underwear. Because of the lag time with funding this mother has not received any stipend to help with the cost of 6 extra children. FH was there for them.

#bagfullofhope #bridgingGapstogether 

Meet The Team

Annie Czaruk-Co-Founder and Executive Director

Michelle Carter (far left)-

Chief Amazament Officer and Chief Financial Officer pictured with 

Goat Fest Board aka friends

Jeanie Courtney-

Day to Day Operations Director        and

Volunteer Coordinator